Charms for Charity

The Metal Clay community at large will again officially sponsor the Charms for
Charity Fundraising Event. Metal Clay artists within our own community will create
handcrafted charms for bracelets and necklaces, which will be raffled to raise
money for cancer treatment and prevention. The charities it will benefit are:

American Cancer Society

The Marrow Foundation

Donated charms are due by July 10th. The drawing will be at the PMC Guild
Conference on July 30, 2010.

Checks should be made out to either the American Cancer Society or The Marrow

For more information, go to


CALL FOR RING IMAGES!!! Deadline: November 1, 2010

Hattie Sanderson is pleased to announce that she is writing a book dedicated to
metal clay rings! It will be published by Brynmorgen Press.

You are invited to submit high quality images of metal clay rings for possible
inclusion in the book. Please share this information with your students or
other artists who may be interested. This is a great opportunity to have
your work published. We are seeking rings that range from simple to complex that are of good design and well-crafted. Photographs must be high quality to be considered.

***FREE Copy of book to all artists whose work is included!***

Submission guidelines are available at

If you have questions, please contact Hattie at (815) 393-4365 or email