At the PMC Guild Conference last week, two new metal clay products were announced.

Metal Adventures Quick Fire Bronze was released and sample packages were distributed to conference attendees.  I haven’t tried mine yet, but it should be another advance in the base metal clay toolkit.
Mitsubishi announced and demonstrated their PMC PRO, but it won’t be available until October.  After Firing it is 90% silver and 10% undisclosed metals.  They will tell us about the other metals in October when it is released.  I have the impression they are holding back until all the patents & etc. are properly filed.  It is stronger than the fine silver metal clays, but at only 90% silver cannot be hallmarked as sterling (92.5% silver).  They are suggesting a 1 hour firing in carbon.  It looks promising for rings and pieces that need more strength, but the lower than sterling content may make it a harder sell.

If you can’t wait for PMC Pro to come out, you can experiment with making your own Sterling  or Shibuichi alloys, you can read about them in my article on Married Metal Clays